Anse-Vata wind was capricious today. The weather conditions encountered on the AirCalin Foil Challenge launched this morning, announced the trend of the day. Shifty conditions shuffled the established order in women rankings and re ignited the match for men. The men ran round five and the ladies, round five and six.


The AirCalin Foil Challengestarted at 10:15 for 32 competitors. On this race, which does not count for the PWA slalom world ranking, tactical choices had to be made. The Argentinian Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG3) took the bullet but not without difficulty in front of the New Caledonian Nicolas Goyard (FRA465).

Redistribution of cards in slalom

The race comitee had to deal wuth 15 knots of East wind and gusts up to 29 knots. On three occasions, the riders had to wait until regular winds returned and stabilized.

Elimination 6 in the women reopened the debate: Sarah-Quita made a poor performance by finishing 9th and thus leaving the spotlight on Delphine Cousin, who wins the round. Lena Erdil, on the other hand, hurt herself and had to abandon the race. Lilou Granier benefits from a poor jibe of the Japanese Ayako Suzuki (JP61) and finishes the race in 2nd place. The latter might well run for 3rd place overall provisional if she keeps the momentum . Delphine Cousin thus dethroned Sarah-Quita from her first place in the provisional rankings at this stage.

On the men's side, the fight intensifies. Pierre Mortefon had a great day, finishing 3rd on the day's only elimination. He also climbed on the third step ot the eveny , leaving the English rider William Ross in 7th place. Antoine Albeau does not let go and wins the day's race.

 AirCalin Foil Challenge Result :

ARG-3 1.  Costa Hoevel
F-465 2.  Goyard
FRA-752 3.  Cousin
FRA-99 4.  Questel
FRA-91 5.  Bordes
POL-23 6.  Rutkowski
FRA-330 7.  Huppert
FRA-856 8.  Goyard
FRA-39 9.  Tillier
NC-1 10.  Rouys
NB-20 11.  Vrieswijk
FRA-2 12.  Augé
GER-777 13.  Reuscher
FRA-1508 14.  Doomloye
BRA-767 15.  Isaac
SXM-421 Quentel