The Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) represents excellence in windsurfing. Current and past competitors are the best windsurfers in the world.
   The PWA organizes and judges professional competitions in five major disciplines: Wave, Freestyle, Racing, Super X and Indoor. Depending on the conditions on the venue, it is likely that at least one or more disciplines offer appropriate exposure to ensure a great show. The PWA has pioneered developments in the traditional disciplines of wave and slalom racing and is also the basis for the successful launch of the two youngest disciplines, Freestyle and Super X.

   The positioning the New Caledonia Event at the end of the year means it will be the BIG FINAL that will crown the slalom champion of the world 2017.

   The competition is a succession of slalom elimination races. For a total of 64 participants, a round starts at the 8th round with 8 competitors, the first 4 finishers of which are qualified for the quarterfinals. In each quarter, there are 8 starters, and so on, until obtaining a final of 8 then a winner of the round. Weather permitting; the PWA tries to unwind up to a dozen rounds over the 6 days.

   The winner of an event of the circuit is the one who obtains the best overall result on the week. In order to avoid the possibility of elimination due to breakage or a race incident, the PWA gives competitors the right to discard the 2 worst rounds.




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