It all started in 2008 with a group of friends and parents of young sailors, Chantal Perret, Chantal and Lionel Jacquier, Raphaël Romano and Mikaël Calmels.


First thing they did was to renew and bring back to Anse Vata windsurfing events such as one hour races, long distance comp and slalom, in the aim of offering an annual windsurfing challenge.


The first Bluescope race (10 nautical miles long distance raid between Amédée lighthouse and Anse Vata) is born in September 2008 and the ANG is praised for regrouping all Caledonian sailing formats.




The next year ANG re installs the “24 heures de la Glisse” an event which regroups all surfing disciplines including urban sports such as BMX, Hip Hop battles, and rock concerts. (video report).


After such a success the association joins forces with the Omni sport ASPTT CLUB to become the “ASPTT Nouméa Glisse”. A new team is then formed under the leadership of Johnny Lasiman !

With a better structure the association becomes affiliated to the French surfing federation and to the “vol libre” (kitesurfing) federation and offers 2 new annual challenges:


No less than 24 events were in the ANG calendar with the highlight of the AIRWAVES Nouméa Dream Cup to finish the windsurfing season!


The LTN kitesurfing challenge